Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Detecting and removing threats before they cause harm

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Endpoints like computers, phones, and servers are key targets for cyber criminals.

Most breaches start on an endpoint. Detecting and removing malware and stopping attacks before they cause harm is key to preventing the downtime, lost revenue, and upset of cyber attacks.

If cyber criminals can infiltrate an endpoint, they can then encrypt it with Ransomware for extortion or move laterally in search of private data, intellectual property, or financial systems.

Hybrid working means we are more dependant on endpoints than ever before. You need to enable home working without adding cyber risk if you are to recruit and retain high calibre teams.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) – the Antivirus Software (AV) replacement

Antivirus software stops malware with known signatures. But cyber criminals now use more sophisticated techniques than ever before, so a better way of seeing and stopping new threats is needed.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) goes far beyond traditional antivirus software. It looks for, and stops, threats that use previously unseen signatures, and other devious attacks like memory-resistant malware that cover their tracks and try to block their own removal.

EDR has another key advantage over antivirus software – the ‘R’ in ‘EDR’ – Response.

In the event of an attack like Ransomware reaching its target and encrypting endpoints, the Response in EDR kicks in and takes swift action:

  1. EDR identifies the malware and prevents it from moving to the wider network
  2. The Ransomware is removed from all affected endpoints
  3. The endpoints and data are returned to their pre-attack status


This all happens in a matter of minutes. It ensures swift resolution and prevents repeat attacks.

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Managed EDR – responding to the IT and security skills gap

Companies are struggling to keep up with the growing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks. Managing the technology needed to address this threat landscape is another challenge.

Our Red Helix Managed Endpoint Detection & Response service eases the strain from in-house teams by combining the best EDR technology with our dedicated SOC (Security Operations Centre) Analysts to deliver a vital, early detection and response service.

We will support your Company and IT Teams by:

  • Removing the complexity of configuring your EDR platform to your needs
  • Ensuring your new endpoints are always discovered and protected
  • Supporting your teams and responding to attacks and anomalies


And if you need additional support, we can design a Managed EDR service specifically for you.

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Managed Endpoint Detection & Response convenience

Addressing your internet-connected device security used to be quick easy with a subscription to antivirus software. But the threat landscape has moved on and so should you.

We know that finding Endpoint Protection tools for today’s needs takes time and resource. Our Managed Security Team takes away this pain and provide you with a robust endpoint security strategy that’s convenient, whilst adapting to the ever-changing threat landscape.

Contact us today to explore your needs and how Red Helix Managed Endpoint Detection & Response will protect your company and workforce.

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