Removing the pain and letting you concentrate on the more important things

Our managed services remove the unnecessary pain points associated with keeping up with ever-changing threats, in a constantly evolving network and security landscape.

Dedicated ‘as a service’ solutions allow you to focus on delighting your customers, driving revenues, and delivering business value, safe in the knowledge that you are not compromising network quality or performance.

Managed Security Training & Testing

Our Managed Security Awareness Training & Testing service will improve cyber-vigilance across your workforce to reduce the chance of breaches and the financial losses, brand harm and distraction they bring.

Managed Security Training & Testing

Managed Email Protection

Our Managed Email Protection Solution perfectly complements your existing email filtering tool. It addresses the two email attack methods that malware filtering misses: phishing and spoofing.

Managed email protection
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Managed Zero Trust Network Access

Our managed zero trust network access service addresses all the pitfalls associated with VPNs, providing a secure and controlled access strategy for all users.

Managed zero trust network access

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Most breaches start on an endpoint. Detecting and removing malware and incursions before they cause harm is key to preventing the downtime, lost revenue, and distraction of cyber attacks.

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response
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Managed Security Monitoring

Security monitoring and threat prioritisation are crucial to ensure day-to-day operations are not compromised.

Managed security monitoring
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Managed Security Testing

As new cyberthreats emerge, it can be difficult to keep your business in a position from which you can react quickly, effectively and with confidence.

Managed security testing
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Lab as a Service

Digital transformation can add pressure to your network upgrades and DevOps project timescales, as well as increasing pressure whilst ensuring security and software releases are production fit.

Lab as a service
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