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Robust defence against phishing and spoofing attacks

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Email is the most attacked threat surface. Phishing and spoofing are usually the entry point of today’s email-initiated breaches.

It’s tempting to rely on an email malware filtering tool for all your email protection needs. But it’s not enough. Standalone malware filtering won’t defend against today’s attacks.

Phishing and spoofing attacks use social engineering to persuade your colleagues to give away confidential information or visit a malicious website. The email won’t always contain malware and so it can’t be picked up by malware filtering.

Every week there’s a new announcement of the latest ransomware attack where the breach was made via email. These attacks are too common and too damaging for you to rely on simple malware filtering tools alone.

You need a layered approach to email protection

Only by layering tools and training will you protect your organisation from email-initiated threats.

Our managed email protection solution perfectly complements your existing email filtering tool.

It addresses the two email attack methods that malware filtering misses: phishing and spoofing.

Email Phishing and Spoofing Attacks

Email phishing attacks aim to trick people into giving away sensitive data or other actions that will benefit the cyber-criminal. These emails are sent to thousands of recipients and cause harm to the companies and individuals who unwittingly do as the criminal’s tell them.

Your email malware tool only works on company emails. It doesn’t scan the personal email platforms used by your staff. This means any staff checking their personal email on a work computer will be completely unprotected. As much as we might like staff not to do this, we know they do and so we know we need to deal with it.

Your ‘human firewall’ will be either your strongest or weakest defence against phishing attacks. That’s why you need to train your colleagues to be savvy emailers and help them to help you keep the company safe.

Managed Email Protection from Red Helix supports you by regularly testing your workforce’s cyber awareness, identifying knowledge gaps, and giving the online training needed to improve cyber vigilance and improve your human firewall.

Email spoofing attacks target individuals by credibly posing as someone they trust, like a client, colleague, or supplier. They ask them to take action that they might not question or confirm by other means. This can have devastating consequences and will easily bypass your email malware tool.

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Our Email Protection Managed Service

Red Helix’s Email Protection Managed Service uses the very latest technology to address spoofing attacks by analysing the risk profile of the sender. Our system lets the recipient make an informed decision about the email so they can seek confirmation that it really is from who they think it is from and prevent a costly mistake.

The combination of cyber training and the technology features of our Email Protection Service will compliment your email malware filtering tool to provide robust security for your Microsoft 365 Email or Google Mail platform.

The threat landscape has moved on, so should you

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Email security and convenience

Addressing email security needs used to be quick easy with an annual subscription to your email malware filtering tool. But the threat landscape has moved on and so should you.

We know that finding and running tools for today’s layered email protection needs takes time and resource. Our Managed Security Team takes away this pain and provides you with a robust email security strategy that’s convenient, whilst adapting to the ever-changing email threat landscape.

Contact us today to discuss and we will be delighted to explain how this will help you protect your colleagues and company.

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Two levels of support

Let us enhance your security by combining market leading security awareness training with inbox threat protection with two flexible service options:

Our service is ideal for organisations that want to manage their security training and testing, while taking their inbox protection to the next level. Our team of experts are available to help you setup and provide ongoing support.

We will:

  • Support to help you setup up the service. Including, but is not limited to:
    • Configuration changes required to support the service.
    • Schedule Phishing Simulations and training
    • Help to setup rules to catch and remove sophisticated phishing attacks.
  • Ongoing support for Managed Security Awareness and Training service.


Everything you get with supported as a Managed Service, plus:

  • Weekly service checks to ensure the ongoing health of the service.
  • Ongoing configuration changes.
  • Setup and scheduling of reports providing information and insights for your services.
  • We will respond and notify you of any observations, and work with you to agree actions.

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