Powering and protecting resilient networks

Improving performance and enabling new revenue streams

Safeguarding the delivery of broadcasts, so you can focus on the content

Secure surveillance systems and achieve network resilience

Maintaining competitive advantage amid network challenges

Keeping your customers and reputation constantly protected

Maintaining resilience with zero trust policies

Safeguarding staff and shoppers with resilient networks

Strengthening customer relationships with robust security solutions

Keeping up with changing customer demands

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Managed services & solutions

Red Helix provides clarity and certainty along your digital, cybersecurity and network journey

With deep expertise in network performance optimisation and cybersecurity, we are trusted by mid-market organisations and blue-chip brands alike; to protect and help prove the value of their investment. Our managed services
and solutions are constantly evolving so your business can stay resilient and protected: it’s our priority to make sure you can focus on your customers. We understand that the pain points you face are unique to your business – so we listen and create a complete solution that’s right for you, not just what we have.

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When dealing with highly sensitive and valuable data, there is always going to be pressure.

Our managed services and solutions evolve in line with the threat landscape so you can keep your customers, business and reputation constantly protected.

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From acquisition to delivery, the quality of the end-user experience should be a priority for any broadcaster.

Find out how our solutions can safeguard your entire broadcast delivery system.

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Cyber surveillance is a key part of any government’s defence strategy, but the network underpinning it needs to be able to facilitate success.

We understand the importance of testing and securing your systems to achieve cyber surveillance over legacy and high-speed networks.

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Mobile and wireline operators, along with network equipment manufacturers, need to ensure high performance in their networks. Only then can they provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction and accelerate speed to market of new products and services.

Find out how we can support you to improve the performance and resilience of your network.

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Customer information is a prized asset, making the insurance sector a key target for cyber-attacks.

Find out how we can support your access and monitoring needs, to ensure a resilient and robust network with our zero trust policies.

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The retail sector processes huge amounts of personal data, with the shift to online shopping making its protection even more paramount in today’s environment.

With the prevalence of ransomware and cyberattacks only increasing, find out how our proactive monitoring and security solutions can reduce vulnerabilities and increase the resilience of your network.

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The use of connected devices to improve efficiencies has seen huge growth in the transport and logistics sector. But increased use of IoT also impacts network vulnerability which could prove costly for businesses if not managed effectively.

Find out how your business can remain agile and resilient whilst growing your network capabilities.

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As trusted advisors, your customers expect high levels of service and complete confidentiality. But increasing levels of cyberattacks and changing regulatory compliance can make it hard to keep up with a fast-changing landscape.

Find out how we can help you overcome the challenges of network resilience and manage regulatory compliance and reputational damage.

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A robust and reliable network is crucial for the manufacturing and supply chain sector to remain agile and keep up with changing customer demands. The vital role this sector plays in the wider industry landscape also makes it a prime target for cybercriminals, proving lucrative and often acting as stepping-stone to attack other businesses in the chain.

Our solutions and managed services help manufacturers improve their cyber protection and ensure network strength.

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Our solutions

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Network visibility & fabric

Enhance security resilience and network monitoring

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Cloud, network & app performance

Ensuring an innovative and exciting digital world for your customers

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Cloud & cybersecurity

Enhance security resilience and network monitoring

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Test & system automation

Test & system automation

Better outcomes with cutting edge test and test automation

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Network operators & NEMs

Working with mobile, wireline and network equipment operators, we understand the key challenges and opportunities which exist and the crucial role that an optimised and resilient network plays in achieving success.

Solutions for network operators

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If you’re looking to develop a new offering or extend your footprint, your network infrastructure needs to be up to the job. We can provide the necessary insights, testing, security, validation and automation needed to support current and future business objectives.

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Broadcast and media

Consumers are expecting more from their content providers. They want to be able to stream, download and view content whenever and wherever they are. Unfortunately, poor content delivery network (CDN) performance and blind spots can instantly damage your customers’ quality of experience.

Solutions for broadcast & media

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We understand the entire broadcast ecosystem and can offer solutions for measuring and monitoring the whole broadcast chain, instantly visualising any areas of concern, and allowing them to be quickly addressed – ensuring your content reaches the end-user exactly the way you intend it to.

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Whether you are a challenger bank or established financial institution, network compromise or data loss will have huge financial, reputational and customer trust implications. We work with organisations of all sizes – from mid-market banks to high frequency trading organisation – to help them understand the risks and put proactive measures in place to mitigate them.

Solutions for the banking sector

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We can put the right security monitoring systems in place for you, conduct regular security assessments and vulnerability management, and fill cybersecurity skills gaps to ensure you have a robust and resilient network – at all times.

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We understand the importance of taking a proactive stance toward network resilience, along with the difficulties you face in making the right decisions due to a lack of skills and resource. We work with mid-market Insurers to minimise the ‘blast-radius’ impact of any attempted cyberattack, by providing ongoing support for network access and monitoring.

Solutions for the insurance sector

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Our solutions are designed to help you put the right network access and monitoring measures in place, as well as supporting good cyber-hygiene and the development of your zero trust policies.

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With more customers shopping online and retailers relying on technology to improve operational efficiency, the attack surface for the sector has increased substantially. We can reduce the risks posed by identifying potential points of security improvement in your environment and closing any vulnerability gaps, keeping you protected and continuing to delight your customers.

Solutions for the retail sector

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From solutions that constantly monitor your network for malicious activities, to regular security tests and vulnerability management support, our experts can recommend the right approach that enables you to achieve your business goals and focus on what’s important – your customers.

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Transport and logistics

We understand the reliance on technology to allow the transport chain to run smoothly, and the need to grant network access to vendors, partners, and suppliers in order to meet customer needs and keep operations running efficiently. Our Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approach will ensure you can continue to give access to your network to those who need it, whilst safeguarding your assets and systems from often invisible threats.

Solutions for the transport and logistics sector

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Our team can provide the layer of security expertise needed to help you put the right safeguards in place, so you can reap the benefits of technology evolution without increasing your risk exposure.

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Keeping up with changing customer demands

Solutions for the manufacturing sector

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With downtime or operational disruption simply not an option, we support manufacturers with the right resource and solutions needed to both identify and close any insecure entry points in their network, so they are not the weak link.

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As trusted advisers, the legal sector has a duty of care to its customers when it comes to the confidentiality and security of data. Networks and processes need to be secure and robust to safeguard not just information but the integrity of client relationships. Any cyberattack could have significant financial, reputational, and regulatory consequences for businesses of every size.

Solutions for the legal sector

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From endpoint device management to best practices around cyber-hygiene, our team will help identify the right solutions to your challenges so you can continue to support customers and remain a trusted advisor.

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Delivering effective and robust cyber-surveillance capabilities is crucial for government departments today. We understand the technical needs associated with this - from copying and aggregating traffic to decrypting, validating and tuning, and providing actionable intel. Our suite of solutions is designed to help you every step of the way, to ensure your end-to-end infrastructure is always finely tuned.

Solutions for government

Our expert

Our security solutions are designed to evolve with the cyber landscape so you can take advantage of new innovations. Out test and system automation solutions can help accelerate innovation and productivity by supporting efficiency gains and ensuring you can achieve success with any technology upgrade or adoption.

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Managed security monitoring

We combine the best SIEM technology with people-centric persistence to deliver the outcomes you need - providing 24/7 network observation, optimisation, and response.

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Managed zero trust network access

Upgrade secure access strategies and migrate to the cloud to develop secure systems quickly and support your zero trust security environment journey.

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Managed security testing

Keep your business secure by persistently testing your infrastructure against new threats that are designed to bypass it – to remove any potential vulnerabilities.

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Lab as a service

Helping you build, develop and test without constraints.

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