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Replacing risks with positive outcomes

Introducing security or performance monitoring tools to a live network is risky. When one of them fails or needs essential maintenance, you may end up having to choose between your security and network uptime.

Using a probe to monitor network or application performance or subscribing to a monitoring service that can unwittingly issue a compromised software update, puts your company at risk of a major outage.

Network visibility removes these risks by letting security and monitoring tools perform their functions without affecting the live network – safely ensuring security resilience and real-time digital quality of experience monitoring.

Security teams need to ensure security layers do not fail, and essential updates can take place without affecting uptime – whilst maximising their security spend.

Network visibility takes away the risk of security failure by filtering traffic through security layers before it reaches the live network. It also monitors the health of security tools and takes appropriate action when needed, meaning security tool failures and essential maintenance will never affect security or network uptime.

  • 24/7/365 security uptime
  • Upgrades made with no disruption
  • Increased security tool lifespan

At Red Helix, we are the UK leaders in network visibility. We design, provision, and manage network visibility solutions for companies of all sizes – from mid-sized businesses, to world-leading enterprises, network operators, and financial organisations.

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Monitoring network and application performance with a probe, or a monitoring subscription, puts you at risk of downtime; probes due to potential device failure that can take down your network, and subscriptions because they can be hacked and injected with malware.

Our approach reduces risks, instead of introducing them. We simply take a copy of your network traffic, remove the inessentials, and send it to a monitoring layer disconnected from your live network – enabling real-time performance monitoring without the worry of security failure or downtime.

We also supply and integrate world-leading network and application performance monitoring tools for all types of customer environment.

Whatever your network, application, or Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring needs – we can supply, integrate, and manage your monitoring layer; and the network visibility that feeds it.

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Network visibility tools

The network visibility tools for the job

As an independent provider of network visibility services and solutions, we have access to the best security resilience and performance monitoring tools available, including:

Monitoring security and performance in public and hybrid cloud environments can be a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be. We can help you access your packet data across all leading cloud platforms and feed it directly into your security and monitoring tools with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

Let us know your requirements and we’ll work with you to recommend the right solution.

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Using a SPAN port on your network switch is a risky strategy for making copies of network traffic because you are never guaranteed a full copy of all packets – especially during peak utilisation.

A network TAP (Terminal Access Point) is a small and dependable device that supplies an exact traffic replica to your network packet broker, cybersecurity, or performance monitoring layers. This provides a safe and cost-effective way to improve capability whilst reducing any risk of unnecessary network outages.

If you require more copies of your network traffic, a regeneration TAP can provide copies from a single input to multiple output ports serving various visibility, security and performance monitoring tools.

We offer scalable copper and optical network TAPs from world-leading manufacturers and can recommend and install the right TAP to solve your unique challenges.

We also excel in network packet brokers, security, performance monitoring, and packet capture tools – and would be happy to discuss your individual needs and the integrated solutions we can provide.

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A bypass switch, also known as a bypass TAP, is a small and robust device that safeguards inline security devices, such as intrusion prevention systems and malware sandboxes, against downtime should they fail or be taken offline for configuration updates.

If a security device fails or needs to be taken offline, the bypass switch ensures continuity by instantly re-routing the traffic to a pre-defined alternative path.

Bypass switches also monitor the health of the security layers by sending and receiving heartbeat packets and take immediate action in the event of degradation or security device performance.

We supply bypass switch solutions from world-leading manufacturers and can recommend and install a suitable option based on your unique challenges.

For more information on how our bypass switches can help you, get in touch.

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We can get you straight to the network packet brokers you need for your requirements – without you needing to speak with multiple different vendors.

Our network packet brokers empower you to improve security resilience and resolve application performance issues across your physical and virtual infrastructure.

This is achieved in a variety of ways designed to suit your needs:

  • Copying your traffic without risking a breach of industry compliance, such as GDPR
  • Aggregating multiple connections and sharing the security filtering load across many tools
  • Unlocking SSL/TLS encrypted application traffic so tools such as firewalls can filter for malware
  • Conditioning traffic to a speed and format compatible with your security and monitoring tools
  • Easing the load placed on your security tools by feeding them only the data they need

We understand that security uptime and application performance resolution are important to your company, so we can supply, configure, and manage your network packet brokers to ensure your systems stay online and secure.

Our independence and thorough evaluations mean we can provide the best solutions available across network packet brokers, security, performance monitoring and packet capture tools.

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Red Helix network visibility services

Internet banking Quality of Experience Monitoring (QoE)

We enable comprehensive QoE monitoring for an internet banking customer by filtering and load-balancing up to 6Tbps of network traffic to the QoE monitoring layer.

New revenue streams for a mobile operator

A major mobile network operator enjoys additional revenue streams from anonymous data flow information – thanks to our 24/7/365 managed visibility layer.

Inline security uptime for a major bank

We ensure security resilience for a well-known bank by aggregating traffic links and balancing data across multiple intrusion prevention systems in the event of a security failure. We also proof-test the solution across multiple performance degradation and outage scenarios.

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