Our partner: Sumo Logic

Our Managed SIEM and Performance Monitoring Services are powered by Sumo Logic’s Intelligent Log Collection Platform, as is the 24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring Service we provide to one of Europe’s largest Network Operators, and one the UK’s most well-known retailers.

We chose Sumo Logic’s technology due to its cloud-native architecture enabling fast and elastic scaling for demanding applications, including:

  • Security Information Event Management (SIEM) systems
  • Monitoring website and SaaS performance
  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes monitoring
  • Visibility of Content Delivery Network (CDN) performance issues
  • Seeing app quality of experience before and after cloud migration
  • Discovering actionable insights that matter to your organisation

Sumo Logic as an alternative to Splunk

If you need a cloud-native log platform that easily scales and provides predictable ingestion pricing, Sumo Logic’s Intelligent Log Collection Platform has your needs covered.

Whether you want a competent MSP to deliver a tailored service powered by Sumo Logic’s technology, or a safe pair of hands to provide it for managing in-house, we will deliver a solution dedicated to your unique requirements.

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Sumo Logic Platform

Sumo Logic Platform

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