Overcoming SDI over IP broadcasting challenges

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Event date: 4th August 2021
Time: 11:00

Published: 4th August 2021

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4th August 2021

Overcoming SDI over IP broadcasting challenges

This webinar has already taken place.


The switch to moving SDI over Ethernet networks can unlock significant benefits for Broadcasters and the Telcos who carry the traffic, but as with most things, realising those benefits to their full potential can require a deeper understanding of the complexities involved.

One of Bridge Tech’s key differentiators is to simplify complexity to enable users to monitor broadcast traffic to isolate and troubleshoot performance-degrading issues.

Our webinar with Bridge Tech’s Chairman, Simen Frostad, explores the benefits of carrying SDI over IP, the technical challenges and how to overcome them.

Topics include:

  • Remote IP Production capabilities explained
  • Industry standards insight: ST 2110, ST 2022-6/7 & NMOS
  • IP packet behaviour, PTP ST 2059-2 timing and redundancy


Bridge Technologies’ UK partner

We at Red Helix have been Bridge Tech’s UK partner for nearly 15 years and have dozens of integrations under our belt; from single standalone monitoring devices, right up to designing large scale monitoring platforms and providing advanced user training.

BridgeTech Product Catalogue.

Contact us to talk to us about your SDI over IP challenges, or anything else to with monitoring and troubleshooting broadcast content delivered over RF, Cable, Terrestrial, Satellite, Over The Top and IP networks.