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Real-time threat detection

Cyberattack dwell times differ, but whether it’s one day or 100, you need to discover the threat before your network is mapped and your assets are leaked.

To do this, you need a threat detection solution specific to your needs. We can design, integrate, and manage a solution comprised of seamlessly integrated components finely tuned to address specific environments.

Different environments require different approaches to threat detection. Our NDR solution responds by monitoring both North-South traffic (flows in and out of the network) and East-West traffic (within the network) for incursions, then alerting to any threats and categorising them to ensure the most pressing anomalies are prioritised for action.

If you use a SIEM platform, our NDR solution can reduce your security log ingestion charges by only feeding it with high-fidelity security alerts.

And due to the way in which it monitors traffic streams to locate security threats, our NDR platform can also provide you with real-time network and application performance diagnostics.

Our deception approach lets you detect, investigate, and remove attackers as soon as they arrive because they will have emerged in what appears to be a legitimate location.

This allows you to:

  • Stop targeted threats that can bypass security layers
  • Locate attackers who are already on the network
  • Replace false positives with high fidelity security alerts

You can also safely monitor attackers’ behaviours to learn their true intentions and report on the damage you averted – validating the budget used for upgrading to deception technology.

With many security layers in place, alerts can be repeated when combined with other time-consuming distractions which can often lead to mistakes. There is also huge pressure on teams to learn and monitor multiple security tool user interfaces.

Our Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) solution can help by collecting, de-duping, and triaging security event logs from your cloud, hybrid, and on-prem security tools into one easy to use screen. This reduces the time spent investigating and resolving security anomalies, reduces the chance of missed alerts and maximises your security analysts’ time and efficiency.

It also provides the security and configuration hygiene required to adhere to continuous compliance.

The platform underpinning our SIEM can also provide you with actionable intel to ensure smooth cloud migrations across Microsoft, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud Platform Services.

If you need to upgrade your SIEM but don’t have the time or resources to manage it in-house, read more about our Managed Security Monitoring service.

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With cloud migration and digital transformation, we heavily rely on traffic encryption, meaning most security layers are unable to see malware that cybercriminals place inside app traffic. This means your security tools could be passing malware directly into your network.

We can unlock the SSL/TLS traffic that carries your apps and send it over to your security tools for malware filtering in a format they can understand – significantly reducing your attack surface and protecting your cloud migration and transformational investments.

Understandably, for regulatory reasons you might not want visibility of things like credit card numbers or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), so we can set rules to ensure you only decrypt the parts of the traffic needed for malware filtering.

If your company operates within a strictly regulated industry, or you want to learn the who, what, and where of an attack or breach, you need to record copies of the digital transactions for compliance reporting or retrospective analysis.

Our packet capture service means we can copy and record required data packets over any network speed and store them for as long as needed. We can also provide fast forensic reconstruction and analysis of any IP-based transaction, including emails, webpage views, and criminal cyber activities.

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