Tailored solutions

Tailored solutions to meet your industry needs

No matter what industry you operate in, our experts can provide a tailored solution or managed service to help you overcome the challenges associated with network resilience and growth. It’s our business to help your business succeed, by supporting your network, monitoring, and security needs.

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Broadcast and media

From acquisition to delivery, the quality of the end-user experience should be a priority for any broadcaster. Find out how our solutions can safeguard your entire broadcast delivery system.

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Cyber surveillance is a key part of any government’s defence strategy, but the network underpinning it needs to be able to facilitate success. We understand the importance of testing and securing your systems to achieve cyber surveillance over legacy and high-speed networks.

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Network operators & NEMs

Mobile and wireline operators, along with network equipment manufacturers, need to ensure high performance in their networks. Only then can they provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction and accelerate speed to market.

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Transport & logistics

The use of connected devices to improve efficiencies has seen huge growth in the transport and logistics sector. But increased use of IoT also impacts network vulnerability which could prove costly for businesses if not managed effectively.

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As trusted advisors, your customers expect high levels of service and complete confidentiality. But increasing levels of cyberattacks and changing regulatory compliance can make it hard to keep up with a fast-changing landscape.

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A robust and reliable network is crucial for the manufacturing and supply chain sector to remain agile and keep up with changing customer demands. The vital role this sector plays in the wider industry landscape also makes it a prime target for cybercriminals.

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The retail sector processes huge amounts of personal data, with the shift to online shopping making its protection even more paramount. With the prevalence of cyberattacks only increasing, our proactive monitoring and security solutions can reduce vulnerabilities and increase network resilience.

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When dealing with highly sensitive and valuable data, there is always going to be pressure. Our managed services and
solutions evolve in line with the threat landscape so you can keep your customers, business and reputation constantly protected.

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Customer information is a prized asset, making the insurance sector a key target for cyber-attacks. Find out how we can support your access and monitoring needs, to ensure a resilient and robust network with our zero trust policies.

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Keeping your business resilient and competitive

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