Network Testing

Making sure your infrastructure can deliver

When updating or releasing a new application or service, delayed roll outs and poor performance can have a dramatic impact on your business.

To avoid this, you need to know how these new additions will work in advance, as well as how your delivery infrastructure will respond. The only way to do that is to test.

This is where we can help, offering solutions and services that:

  • Create a digital twin of your environment
  • Run the services and apps under your scenarios
  • Measure the performance and resolve issues

Whether you are looking to move to the cloud or adopt new services, or you’re running the infrastructure that delivers them – we can ensure successful outcomes first time around.

Testing graphs on a screen

Your perfect test partner

We provide professional and managed services to take the pain out of digital transformation and other pre-deployment testing scenarios and can design a service specific to your unique requirements.

If you want to run the test programs yourself, we provide and support traffic generation and Impairment tools from Keysight TechnologiesPacketStorm, and Xena Networks, Network Test tools from VeEX, and Test & Environment Automation software fom Quali.

To help maximise the value and capability you receive from our test and automation solutions, Red Helix Advanced Support is on hand to help you further.

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