Managed Security Monitoring

Real-time security monitoring with flexible service levels

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Managed security monitoring

Improving security and delivering business outcomes

Effective security information and event management (SIEM) is vital for every business, allowing them to improve their security posture and deliver on key business objectives.

But managing a SIEM tool can be resource heavy, leading to many businesses struggling to keep up with the skills needed to make the right decisions.

This is where our managed security monitoring service, with tailored support options, can take away the pain and let you concentrate on what matters most – your customers.

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Our services

Tailored support

Security compliance, visibility of threats, and posture reporting all depend on real-time security monitoring – and that only comes when structure is applied to your IT and security logs. However, a combination of increased cyberthreats, the security skills gap, and the level of management a SIEM tool requires often results in companies making the difficult decision to de-prioritise their security monitoring projects.

How our managed security monitoring can help:

Audit and report compliance with industry regulations and guidance including GDPR and PCI-DSS.

See external and insider threats across the workforce and supply chain.

Gain reportable assessments of your security posture to support cyber strategies.

Leading-edge technology and people-centric persistence

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Our commitment to you

We understand that meeting a service level doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll be satisfied, so we take a different approach that we call an ‘eXperience Level Agreement’ (XLA). This factors in how you feel about the experience you receive, beyond the outcome we deliver.

Whether you need clearer visibility of threats, the ability to demonstrate industry compliance, or require a clear and reportable picture of your security posture, we can design a service to meet your needs.

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Three levels of support

We combine the best SIEM technology with people-centric persistence to deliver key business outcomes, through three flexible service options:

We’ll monitor your security infrastructure, correlate the alerts, and contact you when action is needed.

Observe 24/7 with the addition of smart log ingestion tailored to your business needs, with corrective action recommended when needed.

Optimise 24/7 enriched with pre-defined threat response investigation and proactive threat landscape assessments.

Service attribute

Log management solution
SIEM solution
Signal correlation
Alert management
Credit usage reports
Smart log ingestion
Optimisation of rules & enrichments
Threat landscape assessments
False positive analysis
Incident reports
Proactive security monitoring
Threat hunting
Threat response investigations & reports

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