Our Culture

Our company culture is founded on our deep expertise and love of learning.

Red Helix cyber specialists talking

We may have been operating since 1984, but we never tire of finding new ways to solve our clients’ issues.

We are trusted with the operation and security of many of the UK’s largest networks, critical to our national infrastructure. We take this responsibility incredibly seriously but that doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously.

We maintain a culture of lifelong learning, where employees are encouraged and supported in expanding their knowledge and skills. Whether it’s staying updated on the latest cyber threats, exploring new technologies, or honing their expertise, the team at Red Helix understands the importance of continuous improvement to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.

We recognise that our clients’ success relies on having a business that is constantly resilient, protected, and performing optimally. This allows our clients to concentrate on their core objectives of delighting customers, driving revenue, and delivering business value.

Marion presenting

Building Relationships

Friendliness and approachability are key aspects of our culture. We recognise that a positive and supportive work environment fosters collaboration, innovation, and overall job satisfaction. We build strong relationships with each other, creating a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that extends to our clients. Through this we’ve developed strong partnerships, having supported some clients for decades.

Our company culture is not only defined by our deep expertise, proven heritage, and commitment to client service but also by our unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusion. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce fosters innovation, creativity, and a broader perspective in tackling complex cyber security challenges.