Our People

While technology and tools are essential parts of a robust cyber security strategy, it is the people behind these systems who possess the critical thinking, expertise, and adaptability needed to effectively address and mitigate cyber risks.

Four members of the Red Helix team working together

Our people are remarkable, some have been with us for over 30 years others – almost unheard of in the realm of cyber security.

Other are early in career. It is through bringing these people together at Red Helix that we all benefit.

Combining the two gives us a dynamic and productive environment where we grow and learn together. The combination of experience with fresh perspectives leads to enhanced problem-solving, innovation, and growth.

This collaboration nurtures a culture of continuous learning and fortifies our ability to respond to emerging cyber security challenges effectively.

Here’s what some of our people have to say about working at Red Helix.

Rob Pocock, Technology Director

Red Helix’s Technical Director, Rob PocockEvery day at Red Helix varies greatly. I can be teaching coding to 10-year-olds through the Red Helix coding club one day and working with experts in the lab at a major telco the next.

I get to discuss, evaluate, and use both cutting edge and established technologies. This constant change means that despite joining the company in 1999, I’ve kept learning. While the technology has changed, the guiding principles have stayed the same. We are still dedicated to making our clients networks operate as efficiently and securely as possible.


Candice Elliot, Service Administrator

Candice Elliot, Service Coordinator at Red HelixOriginally, I joined the company as a Support Administrator. But over the four years I have been at Red Helix, I’ve realised how much I enjoy working directly with customers and have now progressed to Service Administrator. This is thanks to the encouragement from my colleagues and having the freedom to push myself out of my comfort zone. I’ve grown in confidence hugely over this time. I am now confidently managing projects and running meetings.

I’ve also had the opportunity to get involved in activities beyond my day job. I’m a mental health first aider and take pride in supporting my colleagues if they need me. I also get involved in our charity fundraising, collating donations for various charities and supporting our School Coding Club. It’s wonderful that I have the flexibility to do things beyond the strict boundaries of my day job and I can contribute to the wellbeing of my colleagues and wider community.