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We’re a UK company serving UK businesses, still housed in the same Buckinghamshire office where we started back in 1984. Over the years, we have built strong ties to our local community donating our time as well as money.

School children with their hands up

The Red Helix Coding Club

We believe that bringing opportunities to children so they can understand how STEM influences their every-day life and the world around them will inspire an interest in technology and help to meet the need for technical skills in years to come. Primary school children were some of the most affected by the Covid-19 school closures, and the disruption was worse for children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

We believe it is the responsibility of businesses everywhere to bolster their local communities by offering ways to inspire future generations. We are therefore running an innovative afterschool program at a local school situated in an area of high social deprivation. Working with year 6 pupils, we have designed a program that allows children to use maths and coding skills to create their own personalised infinity mirror. The activity runs over six weeks with one afternoon per week spent on the project. We hope that exposing kids to careers beyond the obvious (Doctor, Police, Fire Brigade…) will give them the confidence to pursue a career they won’t have otherwise known about.

Red Helix coding club sign

Keen to inspire others we will soon be publishing our program and all materials needed to deliver the sessions. Hopefully, this will inspire other tech companies to reach out to their local schools and deliver the same opportunities there. We would love to spark a community of tech companies all working together to inspire the next generation of cyber experts.

If you are interested in getting involved in running your own Coding Club, get in touch today and we will be happy to share our program with you.

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Blackberry Farm Animal Centre

Blackberry Farm is part of the RSPCA. They takin in animals that have been rescued from neglect and lookl after them. At any time they could be caring for over 200 animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, farm and other small domestic animals. They work hard to rehabilitate the animals and find them their perfect home.

We run a collection at our office for staff to bring in and donate towels, blankets, and toys for the animals.

Find out more about Blackberry Farm

Foodbank collections

Inspired by the former Aylesbury Town Mayor, Councillor Tim Dixon, and his 10 tonne challenge, we started collecting food bank donations in the office.

The challenge may have stopped now, but we’ve carried on collecting and donating to local foodbanks each month. We’ve also carried on measuring our donations in weight and average between 60-70 kgs every month. This relationship with Tim Dixon sparked the idea for the aforementioned coding club.

Christmas Donations

We stopped sending Christmas Cards 17 years ago and ever since, we’ve reached out to our client base asking them to nominate from five chosen charities. We then make a donation on their behalf adding up to hundreds of pounds for each charity every December.

Child Autism UK

Child Autism UK provide services to enable children to overcome difficulties with communication, learning and life skills and give families the techniques and strategies to cope with autism using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Child Autism UK also provides training and a network for ABA professionals working with young children.

They are our primary charity and receive the funds that we raise through regular fundraising activities. From quiz nights to prize raffles and bake-offs, we regularly get together to raise funds while also having a good time.

Find out more about Child Autism UK