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Revolutionise your test environments

By automating tests and environments you can reduce the time to market, accelerate software upgrades, and see further return from your test tool investments, while incorporating a new generation of efficiency gains.

Without test automation in place, your engineers will have to carry out some menial on-site steps prior to running a test – which will prolong the time it takes to reach positive and lucrative outcomes. These low-value-adding tasks can include:

  • Checking resources are available for the required test
  • Configuring the physical layer to ensure equipment is operational
  • Loading configurations on to devices under test and test equipment

Once complete, the test results may require analysis to bring together the results from different equipment into a single test document.

This time-consuming approach doesn’t work when you need fast releases and increased productivity – and on top of this, each additional step increases the likelihood of errors through:

  • Poor quality cables due to continual insertion & removal
  • Incorrect layer one connectivity or ports incompatibility
  • Lack of knowledge around a rarely used infrastructure
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Overcome these challenges with test automation

Our test automation options remove these manual interventions and let your engineers focus on more important, value-adding tasks – such as analysing and resolving issues to ensure projects are delivered on time.

If you are involved with DevOps, device, or software testing, you will likely need to book resources, set up tests, and format multiple results in to one report.

These tasks require manual on-site work and consume time that would be better spent carrying out the actions identified by the tests instead.

Our test automation software automates the booking, setting up, running, and reporting of your tests across your physical, hybrid, and cloud environments – letting you focus on what matters most; accelerating innovation and new releases.

Not only does our test automation software save time and money for labs and DevOps teams, we use it in our own Cyberlab for:

  • Scheduling and controlling customer demonstrations
  • Quickly loading pre-designed test blueprints
  • Controlling multiple vendor test tools via one GUI
  • Gracefully powering the lab up and down

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Network products are becoming increasingly more complex, as are their testing requirements; meaning an ever-increasing portion of the product development cycle is spent on QA and regression testing.

Automating the test lab can shorten the QA test cycle, reduce the lab’s CAPEX and OPEX requirements, and increase test coverage and product quality.

We bring game-changing efficiencies to regression labs through a one-time physical connection of test equipment and devices under test, and the automation of test scheduling, execution, and results formatting.

A regression lab automation solution from Red Helix typically consists of:

  • Our test automation software for the efficient control of the entire test environment
  • A matrix switch for the clean, one-time connection of test tools and devices

Our matrix switches provide a robust and deterministic switching infrastructure, ensuring that there is no manipulation of the data that could potentially cause an issue with your test results. All other types of switching system would require the manipulation of the traffic in some way and are therefore unsuitable for lab use.

Successful outcomes are our focus, and as an independent vendor we’ve had the freedom to scour the market to find the best electrical and all-optical matrix switches available in both low, medium, and high port counts – which we can help integrate into your lab, as well as configuring our test automation software for the efficient control of your entire test infrastructure.

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Remote and hybrid working has become the norm, making remote access to your lab more important than ever before – especially if you want to hire and retain talented engineers.

Most labs consist of many devices and platforms used to run tests, so you need a way to communicate with all of these devices remotely – implying that you have to give access to each of these systems individually through your corporate firewall.

Our approach to test automation provides an easy way to remotely access and control your lab and execute tests with the entire infrastructure being controlled via our automation software. You can essentially have your lab set up and ready, then just lock the door.

The use of multiple test systems also means training engineers to use various tools, delaying tests and project delivery. Our automation software responds by controlling every tool in the test environment with one, easy to use GUI which all your engineers can quickly become familiar with.

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