Successful outcomes with a user-centric approach

Your IT logs provide performance monitoring and operational intelligence, which you can use to improve visibility and user experience.

We’re here to help you find this crucial information – with years of experience performing this task for leading enterprises, banks, and network operators.


Unleash your multi-cloud strategy

Whether you want to ensure smooth cloud migrations or productive user-experiences across Microsoft, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud Platform Services, we can provide the visibility and monitoring capability to make this a reality.

Eliminate any blind spots with full support for AWS, Azure, and GCP apps, services, modern architectures and integration with your favourite cloud monitoring tools. Identify critical cloud application problems proactively by easily correlating performance issues with errors and failures. Get to the root cause quickly with pattern detection using machine-learning.

One click cloud-to-cloud collection, monitoring and out-of-the-box content for services like EC2, S3, CloudTrail, VPC Flow Logs, GuardDuty, Redshift, ELB, EKS, CloudFront and many more. Satisfy local data sovereignty and privacy requirements with Sumo Logic’s worldwide deployments on AWS including in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Migrate to AWS faster and with confidence, with full support for AWS and on-premises on one single platform.

Adopt the latest microservices technologies using our native integrations for Kubernetes, Docker, AWS EKS, and AWS Lambda.

Simple integration with Azure Monitor and Event Hub, along with out-of the-box content, provides visibility into Azure Audit, Network Inspector, SQL, Active Directory, and more. Migrate to Azure faster and with confidence, with full support for Azure, multi-cloud, and on-premises on one single platform.

Adopt the latest, best-in-class microservice technologies using Sumo Logic’s native integrations for Kubernetes, Docker, Azure AKS, and Azure functions.

Collect logs, metrics, and events from key GCP services including Google App Engine, VPC, IAM, and Cloud Audit. Our platform is also fully integrated with Anthos to manage your Kubernetes clusters. Get full visibility into your business tools with support for Google Apps, including monitoring and analysis of Google Apps audit logs.

Modern, cross-functional site reliability and platform teams can’t afford to miss anything when solving a problem. Our platform provides native integrations with best practice data sources for Kubernetes—Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, FluentD, Fluentbit, and Falco. With easy to setup collection deployed using Helm, you get instant access to Performance Metrics, Logs, Traces, Kubernetes System Events, as well as Kubernetes Security Events.

Our solution works for any Kubernetes setup, anywhere — on premise, AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Built from the ground up for Kubernetes, our platform allows you to navigate your data from whatever perspective makes the most sense for what you are trying to do — Service, Namespace, Cluster, Node, or Container level — meaning your team will no longer need to waste precious minutes trying to correlate serious customer and security issues with infrastructure problems at the pod, container, and node level.

Our platform lets you spend time solving problems, rather than wading through antiquated monitoring tools.

Monitoring cloud infrastructure requires time and resources – so let us manage this for you.

With over 30 years’ experience monitoring complex IT, network, and security environments, we can provide an elastic log ingestion model and monitoring service specific to your unique needs.

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