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Secure access in the digital era

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Reducing risk and encouraging innovation

Legacy access strategies for VPNs and firewalls add a layer of risk, as they typically establish connections before authenticating them. These bandwidth-hungry approaches can also affect user experience, increase cyber-risk, and add complexity to remote working and cloud migration.

With no two companies having the same cyber-measures in place, the invisible threat surface also grows in tandem with the supply chain.

These issues combine to add risk and inhibit innovation. But there is a solution.

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Our services

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

This service applies an architectural approach where inherent trust in the network is removed, the network is assumed hostile, and each request is verified based on a pre-defined access policy. Zero trust provides a robust and contextual access strategy for your workforce and supply chain by knowing the user, service, or device, and applying strict policies to authenticate and authorise requests, granting access for the required duration and rendering everything else invisible.

However, with many businesses not having the required resources or skills to run a zero trust platform, our Managed Zero Trust Access Service provides flexible options to help take the pain of maintaining a secure access strategy away, so your employees can focus on more meaningful and profitable tasks.

Upgrade secure access strategies for staff and supply chains.

Migrate to the cloud and develop systems quickly and securely.

Support your journey to a complete zero trust security environment.

Leading-edge technology and people-centric persistence

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Our commitment to you

We understand that meeting a service level doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll be satisfied, so we take a different approach that we call an ‘eXperience Level Agreement’ (XLA). This factors in how you feel about the experience you receive; beyond the outcome we deliver.

Whether you want a better access strategy than VPN and firewalls can deliver, need to reap the rewards of remote working and cloud migration, or want to ensure staff and supply chains can only access what they need, we can design a zero trust access service to make it happen.

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Three levels of support

We combine the best zero trust security technology with people-centric persistence to deliver key business outcomes, through three flexible service options:

We’ll set up and manage your zero trust system and make quarterly recommendations.

Observe 24/7 with the addition of daily health checks and up to five app deployments per month.

Optimise 24/7 plus scalable site deployments. We will also manage your app deployment policy.

Service attribute
4 x site deployments per year
12 x Application deployments per year
Weekly system health reports
Quarterly observations & recommendations
Daily system health checks & reports
Up to 12 x site deployments per year
Up to 5 x application deployments per month
Monthly observations & recommendations
Business-scalable site deployments
Application deployment policy management

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