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Network & data fabric

Today’s network and data centre infrastructures need low-latency, scalability, and self-healing

We can provide you a scalable, high-speed network, with automated link protection and service provisioning in a data centre or internet exchange, using our low-latency network switches and optical circuit switches.

Traffic volumes are growing to cater for an increase in cloud computing, home working and content streaming.

Our All-Optical Switches bring huge value to data centres, helping to manage this growth with:

  • Accelerated time to market with faster provisioning on-the-fly
  • SLA protection from a reduced chance of errors and dropped traffic
  • Power monitoring and faster troubleshooting by cutting the need for remote hands

Our SDN-enabled All-Optical Switches offer data centres various right-sized port densities in a compact form factor that can be used for pre-provisioning, real-time provisioning, and link protection. Our switches are data rate independent and protocol agnostic.

Huge data streams can be brought down by fibre cuts, transponder failures and operator errors resulting in reputational damage and financial loss.

Our All-Optical Switches offer an efficient drop-in solution for link protection, and support both manual and automated protection switching operation.

Remote users, or network management stations, can manually switch between working and protection lines to monitor their connection status.

In automated mode, protection switching is automatically triggered when the optical traffic signal moves outside of a user-programmed alarm range.

Our Automated Protection Switch can also be programmed to automatically revert to the working line-pair after the fault is repaired and a stable signal power is measured on the working line input, getting you back to full capacity in no time at all.

We provide and support Arista Networks’ full range of low-latency SDN Switches, with years of experience supporting well-known financial trading companies and other major network owners.

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