Keysight ThreatARMOR

Fewer attacks, fewer SIEM alerts and better ROI from your security infrastructure

Placed as a ‘membrane’ in front of your Firewall, Keysight’s ThreatARMOR from Red Helix protects you from known bad IP addresses and complements your security tools by stopping the bad IP traffic before it can reach them – allowing them to better serve the core functions for which they were intended.

Good Firewalls can usually process no more than 10,000 rules, so managing them to ensure they are blocking new bad IP addresses or geographies can be a time-consuming and therefore, costly process.

Ixia’s Application Threat Intelligence (ATI) feed updates ThreatARMOR every 5 minutes to make sure it protects your network and security devices from new bad IP addresses as and when they become known to the ATI research centre. This saves you precious time and resource and allows you to finely-tune your Firewall to rules specific to your organisation.

Reducing your network’s attack surface with Keysight ThreatARMOR is a simple process:

1. Connect the power and Ethernet cables
2. Choose between ‘Reporting only’ and ‘Blocking only’ modes
3. Walk away – it updates automatically

Available in 1Gbps and 10Gbps incarnations, ThreatARMOR also blocks internal botnets, phishing and other malicious traffic from leaving your environment.

ThreatARMOR is available exclusively from Keysight’s carefully selected Channel Partners. We at Red Helix represent Keysight in the UK and have our own ThreatARMOR demo unit in front of our Firewall within our Cyberlab

If you would like to see ThreatARMOR in action online or in our Cyberlab, please request your demo today.

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