Safely test your security infrastructure against new threats as they emerge and receive step by step instructions to close the gaps

Enterprises need to plug the security misconfiguration and environment drift gaps that can quickly emerge without detection – and before hackers can find and exploit them.

Keysight Threat Simulator from Red Helix is a breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform that lets SecOps teams simulate the cyber-attack kill-chain, improve security tool performance, and analyse security spend to make well-informed recommendations.

Threat Simulator uses isolated software endpoints across your network to safely exercise your live security defences. The Dark Cloud malware and attack simulator connects to these endpoints to test your security infrastructure by emulating the entire cyber kill chain – phishing, user behaviour, malware transmission, infection, command and control, and lateral movement.

Continuous, automated assessments make it easy to identify gaps, while the recommendation engine draws intel from Keysight’s Threat Intelligence feed to give you the info you need to close them. Whether you need to deploy a new patch on your Firewall, enable new features on your network security tools, or install a new tool altogether, you get product-specific, step-by-step instructions to optimise your architecture and strengthen your security defences.

We are running a no obligation 14 day trial of Keysight Threat Simulator. Please complete the short form below and request your free trial.

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