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Red Sift uses AI to process vast amounts of data to help security professionals to address organisations’ daily security challenges.

From your emails to your website, the Red Sift suite of tools ensures that your whole brand is protected.

Red Sift tools help security teams identify and prevent cybersecurity attacks before they occur. This in turn safeguards your workforce, your data, and your supply chain.

Why Red Helix?

We spend time understanding the outcomes your needs so that we can help you to get the most from our partner technology. Working directly with your organisation, we will tailor our expert solutions and services to fit your exact needs.

The longstanding relationships we have with our clients has helped Red Sift to provide their technology to new sectors. For example, we have helped companies in the investment industry to reduce their risk of being spoofed. By identifying copycat domains, we help companies to keep their customers and suppliers safe from phishing and spoofing attacks.

Why Red Sift?

Red Sift tools address the most significant weaknesses across an entire attack surface. By offering thorough coverage of an organisation’s digital footprint through superior detection and surveillance, Red Sift allows users to identify potential threats in their emails, domains, branding, and networks in advance.

Along with advanced solutions for correcting issues, Red Sift tools provide businesses with the ability to prevent phishing and maintain compliance with email and web security standards.

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