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One of the largest financial motivators for upgrading to Test Automation is the pooling of commonly used equipment and sharing it on-demand. Lepton ColdFusion Layer 1 Switches from Red Helix eliminate manual cabling in Test Labs, which saves set up time, cuts errors and lets your teams pool resources to accelerate new releases. The one-time connection of Test Tools and Devices Under Test to the Layer 1 Switch also enables 24/7 testing and full remote access to your Lab.

ColdFusion Layer 1 Switches are available in small and large rack mounted form factors. The compact 4RU size has port counts from 32 all the way up to 256 (with 1:4 breakout cables), and the larger Switch can scale up to 1024 ports of 1G to 28GB ports, or 256 up to 128GB ports, so whether you run a small test environment or a large Regression Lab, ColdFusion has your test automation needs covered.

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Lepton ColdFusion

Lepton ColdFusion

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