Our partner: Arbor Networks

A Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack occurs when a cyber-attacker uses multiple systems to flood the bandwidth and resources of a server hosting a web site or application.

With visibility into one-third of the world’s internet traffic, Arbor Networks’ DDoS Mitigation platforms from Red Helix provide early warning and blocking of DDoS attacks before they can take down servers and the applications and web sites they host.

Gone are the days where DDoS attacks were launched exclusively by cyber-criminals. Companies can now buy Botnets that serve to barrage their competitors’ web site with DDoS attacks designed to take them down.

If your web site is critical to your business, and downtime costs money or reputational damage, contact us to see how we can provide, install, and configure Arbor DDoS Mitigation measures to protect your web site and applications against the growing threat of targeted DDoS attacks.

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