Appgate is a Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, providing remote network access securely. It provides secure access to your environment for third parties and your remote workforce. ZTNA using the Appgate solution serves as a replacement for outdated VPN as ZTNA strengthening your security and simplifying your network.

Why Red Helix?

We spend time understanding the outcomes our clients need so that we can help them get the most from our partner technology. Working directly with your organisation, we will tailor our expert solutions and services to fit your exact needs.

The longstanding relationships we have with our clients has helped Appgate to offer their service to new markets. For example, we can support a leading UK energy company with their implementation and running of the solution. This switch to our Managed ZTNA Service was made quickly and painlessly with end users commenting how remote access became much easier once Appgate was implemented.

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We offer Zero Trust Network Access as a Managed Service for customers wishing to upgrade without managing the platform themselves. We will handle the complete implementation and ongoing maintenance of the solution for you.

Whether you need to provide contractors with controlled access to specific assets or are looking to replace your VPN with something built for this digital era, our Appgate ZTNA solution will provide the secure means to achieve your objectives.

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Please include details such as the number of users in your organisation and any other information in terms of why you might want to outsource your Security Awareness Training and Testing. This will help our solution engineers to advise on the most appropriate implementation for you.

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