Ensuring high performance and resilience

The move from legacy to next generation networks opens new possibilities for customers and wireline operators. If not actioned correctly though, the transition has the potential to impact performance and resilience.

Overcoming the barriers to success

Fibre cuts, transponder failures and network errors can take down data streams, resulting in unhappy customers and financial loss. Alongside ever-increasing traffic volumes due to cloud computing, home working, and video streaming, the pressure is on for wireline operators to maintain their brand reputation. Cyber surveillance also relies on a robust and secure network, but as operators upgrade to 100G and 400G, it’s important to understand where the vulnerabilities are and future proof any upgrades.

We understand the technical needs associated with delivering over next generation networks and work with our clients to put the best solutions in place.

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Our solutions

We help wireline operators overcome barriers to success and achieve business goals through a number of key services.

Our All-Optical Switches offer an efficient drop-in solution for link protection, and supports both manual and automated protection switching operation.

Our Automated Protection Switch can also be programmed to automatically revert to the working line-pair after the fault is repaired and a stable signal power is measured on the working line input.

Our All-Optical Switches bring huge value to data centres, including:

  • Accelerated time to market with faster provisioning on-the-fly
  • SLA protection by reducing the chance of errors and dropped traffic
  • Power monitoring and faster troubleshooting by cutting the need for remote hands.

We can enable real-time (and retrospective) network performance analysis without introducing risk, by copying and conditioning your network traffic, then sending it to your desired destination for analysis.

Our scalable Network TAPs will copy just the traffic you need, then our Network Packet Brokers will condition it to a speed and format that your monitoring tools can understand.

From copying WAN links to actionable intel and everything in between – we have your needs covered.

  • Scalable network taps
  • Auto discovery
  • Traffic aggregation
  • Traffic decryption
  • High speed, lossless packet capture
  • Fast forensic reconstruction
  • Validate and tune

To ensure operators can speed up time to market, we also offer enhanced test and measurement solutions:

  • Network testing
  • Security testing
  • Test automation
  • Lab as a service



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