Maintaining the competitive advantage amid network and security challenges

A reliance on technology to improve operational efficiencies has seen huge growth in the transport and logistics sector, and the associated supply chain, but an increased need to open access to your network to suppliers and partners can also bring unwanted costs – increased exposure to cyberattacks and new points of vulnerability.

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Providing the right skills and solutions to safeguard your every move

We understand the reliance on technology to allow the transport chain to run smoothly, and the need to grant network access to vendors, partners, and suppliers in order to meet customer needs and keep operations running efficiently.

But for many businesses in the sector without the proper safeguards in place, providing access to systems, applications, and data outside of their organisation is opening the door to hackers and allowing them to infiltrate and breach their network via those they trust, using devices and credentials for which they have no visibility over the potential state of compromise.

Moreover, a lack of knowledge and skills – heightened by the difficulty in recruiting and retaining security specialists, and sometimes the absence of senior level security support in the form of a CISO, could have huge consequences – impacting more than just the success of innovative tools and processes.

These factors can combine to dramatically increase the likelihood of a damaging cyberattack. And any data breach at any point in the chain could significantly impact the operations, finances and reputations of multiple companies, for which recovery can be a significant and expensive process.

Our team can provide the layer of security expertise needed to help you put the right safeguards in place, so you can reap the benefits of technology evolution without increasing your risk exposure.

Our solutions

Our Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approach will ensure you can continue to give access to your network to those who need it, whilst safeguarding your assets and systems from often invisible threats. From setting remote desktop protocols, to access management and systems monitoring, we have a wealth of expertise and tools tailored to your needs – now and in the future.

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