Safeguarding staff and shoppers with resilient networks

Like many sectors, retail has experienced a huge shift in its reliance on technology to remain competitive and profitable. But increased digitisation has brought heightened risks and an added pressure on businesses to stay resilient and secure in the face of rising network vulnerability.

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Maintaining data integrity is paramount

With more customers shopping online and a growing number of retailers relying on technology to improve operational efficiency, the attack surface for the retail sector has increased substantially. Denial of service attacks, ransomware and malicious content being injected onto retail sites and applications is commonplace. Cybercriminals target retailers based on their ability and willingness to pay ransoms, with a third of them paying, – as well as the lucrative nature of the personal and confidential customer data they hold.

With stolen data often ending up on the dark web, as well as on social media platforms, retailers need to constantly monitor for malicious activities and conduct regular security tests and vulnerability management across their websites and applications. But this can be cost and resource heavy, making it prohibitive for many. Alongside high staff churn high in the sector, and a lack of cyber-awareness and hygiene, this can be a real problem.

We can reduce the risks posed by identifying potential points of security improvement in your environment and closing any vulnerability gaps, keeping you protected and allowing you to continue serving and delighting your customers.

Our solutions

From solutions that constantly monitor your network for malicious activities, to regular security tests and vulnerability management support, our experts can recommend the right approach that enables you to achieve your business goals and focus on what’s important – your customers.

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