Improving performance and enabling new revenue streams

The arrival of 5G has opened a wealth of new revenue streams for mobile network operators. But for these opportunities to be successfully realised, operators need to ensure robust and reliable networks and guarantee a high Quality of Experience (QoE) for the end user.

Achieve business goals and keep customers happy

5G enables many new, enriching applications like autonomous vehicles, edge computing, and mobile HD streaming. But these opportunities come with a pressing need to get things right the first time, and advances from 2.5G to 5G have led to higher expectations from the end-user.

We understand the pressures of meeting these needs to keep your customers happy.

“Red Helix is a key technology partner for us as we strive to be the leading UK Mobile Operator for coverage, availability & customer satisfaction.”

Head of Network Strategy, a leading UK Mobile Network Operator


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Our solutions

We can help mobile operators achieve business goals through several key services

By supporting the design, provision, and management of network traffic filtering we can help network operators derive value from 5G. This ensures that anonymous traffic is copied and sent to monitoring and intelligence tools in a understandable format that network operators can derive insights and value from. This makes additional revenue streams outside of unit sales and monthly contracts  a viable and profitable reality.

To understand how your network and the services themselves will cope in different scenarios, we can generate real application traffic, impair and add latency to the links, and measure how latency-sensitive applications perform under all the different scenarios.

We can help you improve customer QoE by evaluating the service experienced by your customers when using apps and services delivered over your network – and those of your competitors. This includes evaluating the:

  • Availability of services delivered over the network
  • Actual user response time for critical transactions
  • Retrieved content conformity and perceptual quality of video and audio
  • Network testing
  • Security testing
  • Test automation
  • Lab as a service



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