Keeping up with changing customer demands

Remaining agile and able to respond quickly to customer needs is vital for manufacturers today. Advances in technology have enabled the sector to pivot quickly in response to a changing landscape and make great strides towards remaining competitive and relevant. But this speed of technology adoption has also exposed companies to risk. As a vital part of the supply chain, the sector is also a key target for cyberattacks. Often needing to grant third-party access to its systems and network for suppliers and partners, points of network vulnerability are increased, and manufacturers can find themselves at risk of attack or acting as a stepping-stone to other businesses in the chain.

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Safeguarding innovation for maximum advantage

Technology underpins agility, so it’s vital for manufacturers to continue their innovation – but also to keep sight of potential security risks. With cyberattacks across the industry on the rise, a robust and reliable network security approach is essential to remove any weak links in the chain and ensure a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approach can be achieved.

In 2021, manufacturing was the most attacked sector. Following the pandemic, it’s under heavy pressure to reduce the risks faced by the rest of the supply chain – by removing potentially insecure entry points into third party systems. But there are many issues standing in the way including: not having the right resources and skills in-house which is hampering recruitment and retention; a lack of solid vulnerability management programmes; no business continuity or back-up processes; poor security awareness programmes; a lack of asset management practices and endpoint device management; and minimal systems monitoring.

With downtime or operational disruption simply not an option, we support manufacturers with the right resource and solutions needed to both identify and close any insecure entry points in their network, so they are not the weak link.

Our solutions

Our Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approach will ensure you can continue to give access to your network to those who need it, whilst safeguarding your assets and systems from often invisible threats. From backup processes and security awareness programmes to endpoint device management, our experts will get under the skin of your business to fully understand your pain points. We will then recommend the solution that’s right for you, ensuring you can continue to reap the benefits of innovation and respond quickly and securely to evolving customer needs.

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