Red Helix After School Coding Club

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Published: 6th March 2023

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For the UK to achieve its place as a leading power in science and technology, we need to increase engagement and take up of STEM subjects early in schools to enable children to go on to pursue careers in this important area.

STEM is becoming increasingly significant in schools, and girls in particular are being encouraged to pursue careers in this space. To try and help stimulate this level of interest at an earlier age, we at Red Helix have developed a bespoke coding programme for the upcoming summer term, with the start of the “Red Helix Coding Club”.

Our Technical Director, Rob Pocock, has designed an engaging and practical program to stimulate interest and curiosity in coding as well as other STEM topics.

Alongside coding, the children will be using mathematics, and get the chance to work with different materials in design, before pulling it all together practically to create their very own personalised infinity mirror.

The activity will run over six weeks with one afternoon per week spent on the project, with the idea being to stimulate their interest in STEM subjects before they move on to secondary school.

The intent of the program is to target schools in the local area that service children from predominantly underprivileged backgrounds. The first school engaged in the program has a high percentage of children eligible for the pupil premium and are in an area of higher need in Buckinghamshire. With the support of the local authority, the Mayor and the school, we hope to make a real difference.