400G Network Visibility

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Published: 30th May 2023

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Don’t throw away your 10/40/100G monitoring tools!

Many network and data centre owners are moving to 400G to cope with the continued explosion of traffic carrying digital comms, applications, and video.

Monitoring up to speeds like 100G has been possible with a combination of Network TAPs to copy traffic, and Network Packet Brokers to condition and send it to monitoring tools in formats they can accept.

The principles for monitoring 400G are the same as with lower speed networks, but as Operators and Enterprises will have already invested in sophisticated monitoring tools, how can they still use them when upgrading to 400G?

400G Network Packet Brokers have the answer

A cost-effective way to monitor 400G networks is to use your existing (lower speed) monitoring probes for 400G traffic. This is made possible with our Keysight Vision E400S Network Packet Brokers that accept traffic at all speeds up to, and including 400Gbps, then filter, rate-adapt, and aggregate it to the required destination tools in their preferred speeds and formats.

And if you are already moving to 400G, you may have already encountered compatibility issues with NRZ and PAM 4, so you’ll be pleased to hear that our Vision E400S supports both NRZ and PAM 4 modulations – providing you with a multi-speed, multi-technology monitoring strategy.

But that’s not all. Our Keysight Vision E400S also delivers for a wider set of key applications for major network owners and security teams, including:

  • Enabling high-availability security, so security tool failures and essential maintenance won’t result with an unenviable choice between security and network uptime
  • Decrypting SSL but protecting your Engineers and remaining compliant by stripping out personably identifiable information (PII) before traffic reaches your monitoring tools
  • Creating traffic feeds to deliver on cyber surveillance commitments

Efficient Edge Computing

Even if you’re not yet moving to 400G, upgrading to 400G Network Visibility now makes good sense if you’re taking advantage of Edge Computing. In order to efficiently handle the required traffic at the edge, our Vision E400S’ multi-port capacity in 1RU form factor lets you easily install it ‘top-of-rack- to avoid adding unnecessary load to the network backbone.

Download the E400S datasheet for more technical detail.

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