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Train your users to recognise phishing attempts to protect your users, your data and your supply chain.

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Security Awareness Testing and Training is a company-wide initiative which is essential to help employees maintain vigilance against cyber threats. By making sure employees can identify threats, red flags, and are aware of the potential malicious actors, it upholds a much needed level of security. It is not enough to simply know how to deal with attacks, they should be prevented from occurring in the first place. Your human firewall is the first line of defence in a multilayered cyber security strategy, so you must recognise how to make it as strong as possible.

What does Security Awareness Testing and Training do?

A Security Awareness Testing and Training service provides continuous training to employees, so they are constantly updated on the current threats facing your organisation. Some topics covered include password protection, email, and phishing security; web, and internet security; and physical, and office security.

This is necessary to help employees understand that they are a vital aspect of their company’s security defence. Most breeches occur due to human error, proving that it is an important aspect of security that cannot be ignored.

Why do you need Security Awareness Testing and Training?

After the first full year of training, we have seen an improvement of 82% across all industries. With this level of awareness, employees can prevent attempted phishing and ransomware attacks which is evidenced by employees phish prone percentage decreasing from 33.2% to 5.4%.

This is only achievable when security training and testing is repeated regularly.  There is a minimum level of awareness that needs to be upkept. Therefore, a constant revising of employee knowledge is necessary.

Data breeches are expensive and create an organisational risk with employees as primary target for threats. To maintain an efficient and empowered workforce, you need to prevent such attacks from occurring in the first place.

It doesn’t matter the size of your organisation; big and small companies alike are susceptible to phishing attacks. Don’t risk tarnishing your brand’s reputation by falling victim to a ransomware. With a strong defence system in place, customer confidence in your brand will improve.

Security Awareness Testing and Training also ensures a level of compliance which is necessary nowadays to remain in accordance with Cyber Insurance policies. Many industry standards now state that organisations must have gone through of security awareness training to be eligible for a claim if they are breeched. If you are seen as a high-risk client, your premiums are also more likely to be higher.

Every employee is responsible for the security of the cyber estate, so it is important that they all assume a mindset of cyber awareness. By implementing a Security Awareness Testing and Training program, your entire workforce is tested, even the IT teams, leaving no stone unturned.

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For the price of a cup of coffee per person per month, our Security Awareness Training & Testing service will improve cyber-vigilance across your workforce to reduce the chance of breaches and the financial losses, brand harm and distraction they bring. We do this in three steps:

Ransomware and Phishing are the most commonly used tools for cyber attacks on your staff

1. Baseline testing

We’ll safely and randomly phish your workforce to assess the phish-prone percentage of your users. This will create an awareness baseline and highlight training priorities.

2. Security Awareness training

To increase cyber-vigilance, we’ll then train your workforce using the world’s largest library of security awareness training content. And because new starters are often key phishing targets, we can train them to ensure they join you from a point of vigilance.

3. Ongoing testing

To ensure your staff remain vigilant to attacks and scams, we’ll provide ongoing testing with simulated attacks from thousands of exhaustive templates.

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Whether you want us to provide and set up your training program or manage it for you on a day-to day-basis, we have your needs covered.

We’ll provide and set up your training portal, help you use it and give advice where needed. This is popular with Enterprises with large Security Teams.

This includes everything you get with Supported, plus we’ll manage your on-going training needs and provide clear reporting for management and compliance. This is well-suited to Enterprises with smaller IT & Security Teams.

Key Features

Training and Testing
- Schedule security training modules on a wide range of security topics and competency levels.
- Run Phishing campaigns using our extensive real world phishing templates.
- Test users on training to gauge their understanding.
- Schedule tailored reports to provide information on training and phishing campaigns.

Email SOAR
- Empowers users to report suspect Phishing or Spam emails. Once reported, these are scanned and security classified using Machine Learning.
- Reported emails are checked against other mailboxes, quickly identifying whether emails are a one off or part of a targeted campaign.
- SOAR capabilities orchestrate a threat response and manage malicious email messages.
- Sanitise the phishing emails received by your organisation to use as templates for your own phishing simulation.

Security coaching
- Real-time security coaching for users, highlighting risky behaviour in the moment and providing contextual tips and training.
- Reporting on user behaviour, highlighting areas where more training is needed.
- API integration into existing security solutions.

Compliance training
- An enhanced security awareness training & testing service, giving users the latest interactive training, with real-life scenarios to teach users how to respond to challenging situations, compliance, and regulatory requirements.
- Upload pre-existing training into the training suite.

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