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Enhanced Support

Providing support without the complexity

Vendors across different time zones and varying support agreements can make the process of getting support and technical assistance more complicated than it should be.

With Red Helix Enhanced Support (RHES) we provide a timely local response for technical assistance and resolution across our full portfolio of services and solutions.

Enhancing your warranty and maintenance program

  • Added value and co-ordination with multi-vendor support
  • A local, single point of contact taking ownership of the issue
  • Proactive resolution with regular updates along the way

We can offer you support during standard working hours, overnight, and even provide a fully managed service with on-site support out of hours and hot/cold spares – with a support level designed to suit your specific needs.

3 levels of support

RHES 8x5
RHES 24/7/365
RHES Managed Service
A fully tailored service designed to proactively meet your unique requirements
Unlimited local RHES phone and email support Weekdays
9am - 5pm
24 hours a day
365 days a year
Select from RHES 8x5 or 24/7/365 service level
Includes subject matter expert as standard

May be enhanced with services including:

On-Site Support resource credits

Pre-configuration and pre-delivery inspection/test prior to shipment to datacentre

Hot and Cold spares provision and management

In or out of hours Incident Engineer to agreed SLAs

Remote management and full time performance monitoring

Post incident investigation and analysis

Monthly reporting and quarterly management reviews

Contact us for a comprehensive managed service, tailored to meet your specific technical and support needs.
1 on-site support credit to get you up and running
Immediate in-time zone support to escalate any issues
Dedicated case handler
Real time progress updates via our support portal
Same working day returned hardware fault investigation
Defined Service Level Agreement
Advice on Software or Firmware Updates
Installation Support via WebEx, phone or email
Next business day on-site support to UK Datacentres for high priority incidents
Management and configuration of Advanced Hardware Replacement units

4 priority levels

RHES Support level
Technical Response
Response time for each priority level
Priority 1
Product Outage - defects having a very serious impact on the core performance of the system, operation, maintenance or administration, and/or have a severe impact on the service provided.
RHES 8x5 1 business hour
RHES 24/7/365 30 mins
RHES Managed 15 mins - 1 hour
Priority 2
Degraded - defects that affect system performance, its operation, maintenance or administration, with intermittent or lesser degradation of the services provided.
RHES 8x5 4 business hours
RHES 24/7/365 1 hour
RHES Managed 30 mins - 4 hour
Priority 3
Issue - a lower category function does not work properly or there has been a non-destructive error. The defect has a reliable alternative solution and does not have an operating impact.
RHES 8x5 8 business hours
RHES 24/7/365 3 hour
RHES Managed 1 hour - 8 hour
Priority 4
General - questions about documentation, usage, updates or general requests for enhancements and information.
RHES 8x5 Next business day
RHES 24/7/365 Next business day
RHES Managed Next business day
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On-site support credits can be used against on-site assistance for fault diagnostics, firmware or software upgrades, troubleshooting, remote assistance, support or advice on port mapping, load balancing, multi-layer protocol filtering or other specialist features.

Redeemed in exchange for any on-site or remote work, OSCs are provided at the start of the RHES contract. Additional OSCs can be purchased during the contract period, charged at a pre-agreed rate.

A support engineer is assigned to your case and takes ownership of your problem until we both agree the issue can be closed. They will contact you via email and/or phone as appropriate during the resolution process, with real time progress updates also available via the support portal. The support engineer will work with you to understand the issue, taking necessary steps to fully diagnose and understand the problem and to find a solution.

This can involve:

  • Asking you for more information and specific debug data or config data from your machine
  • Asking you to install specific software and/or patches
  • Trying to reproduce the problem on our test machines
  • Verifying software bugs with our engineering department and vendors
  • Asking you to implement and test workaround suggestions that may avoid the problem
  • Asking you to involve your staff to help troubleshoot
  • Working with you to involve third-party vendors (if we suspect a problem in their product)

You can escalate a case by asking your support engineer to speak with support management. Support escalations occur if your expectations of a resolution are not met by the outlined action plan and the timeframes that follow the normal resolution process.

The issue is then escalated to the technical support management team. The manager taking on the escalation will then create a task force consisting of the necessary resources required to resolve your issue.

  • We formulate an action plan to address the issue
  • This action plan is then shared with you
  • Agreement is sought on the closure criteria of the escalation
  • The checkpoint schedule and milestones are agreed
  • Progress updates are provided until the issue is resolved

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