No two Next-Gen Firewalls are the same, and firmware updates don’t always go according to plan

The Xena Safire firewall tester has been discontinued.

Whether you need to preform regular testing of your existing Firewalls and their software updates or want to run bake-offs between new Firewalls under evaluation, we can still help.

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Not to be confused with standard Perimeter Firewalls, Next-Gen Firewalls (NGFWs) provide the means to perform multiple advanced cyber-security functions on one appliance. However, when some advanced security functions are used, or a company upgrades to a new critical application that requires traffic inspection, the extra strain placed on the NGFW can have a detrimental effect on network performance.

Finding Firewall Performance Bottlenecks

Using realistic network traffic, Safire pinpoints performance bottlenecks in simple-to-understand graphs, clearly revealing how features like anti-virus, app control, Intrusion Prevention Systems and SSL decryption can impact throughput.

This allows you to run well-informed NGFW evaluations in full context to your unique environment.

Firewall concurrent sessions

Will that new application kill your Next-Gen Firewall?

Connect Xena Safire to your NGFW, define a traffic profile that matches your network and select which NGFW features you want to measure.

Initiate the test and within minutes Safire will compile a comprehensive PDF report, detailing how each feature impacts performance with easy-to-understand graphs that clearly pinpoint the NGFW’s breaking point.

Firewall test

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Will that firmware upgrade work as promised?

Downtime, functionality loss and performance dips can occur as the result of a corrupt or badly-coded update, but Safire combats this risk by letting you test your Next-Gen Firewall in the real world to identify any unforeseen issues.

Furthermore, if you’re running a simple update (like a GUI upgrade) while the NGFW is live, you can check to see if anything has been affected by the update and compare with the pre-update performance.

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