An all-in-one portable packet capture system that continuously captures and stores every packet at up to 100Gbps

Monitoring 100G Network segments without the ability to capture and store 100% of all packets at line rate poses significant challenges when upgrading to 100G.

Easily deployed in data centres, remote sites and test labs, our Toyo Synesis 100G Portable Packet Capture platform provides high fidelity analysis of performance issues, forensic reconstruction of cyber-attacks, and regulatory compliances that require a full account of the information or incident in question.

Lossless Packet Capture

Compatible with 10M/100M/1G/10G/40G/100G and even 200G networks, Synesis captures all traffic with micro-second level packet gap granularity, and thanks to Toyo Corporation’s patented data processing algorithm, does not require additional load balancing or clustering hardware.

True portable form factor and multiple hardware options available make Synesis the must-have tool for Network and Security Professionals who rely on Packet Capture and real-time stream analysis to troubleshoot network and application performance issues, poor end-user experience, and cyber security events.

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