Our partner: Quali

If you are involved with DevOps, device, or software testing, you will probably have to book resources, set up tests, and manipulate multiple results in to one report.

These tasks often need manual on-site work and consume time that would be better spent carrying out the required actions identified by the tests.

Quali takes away all this pain by automating the booking, setting up, running, and reporting of your tests across your physical, hybrid, and cloud environments. This lets you focus on what matters most of all: accelerating innovation and new releases.

Not only do we provide and configure Quali CloudShell to Labs and DevOps Teams wishing to save time and money, our own Cyberlab is built on CloudShell for:

  • Scheduling and controlling customer demonstrations
  • Quickly loading pre-designed test blueprints
  • Controlling multiple vendor test tools via one GUI
  • Gracefully powering the Lab up and down

If you need a local partner to provide, support, and even configure Quali CloudShell for your environments, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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