Our partner: Luciol Instruments

When you need to characterise short fibre lengths or locate fibre faults in vehicles or structures with minimal disruption and downtime, the Luciol LOR-200/220 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) will locate faults with sub-centimetre accuracy – thanks to its clever photon-counting technology.

Not to be confused with a telecom OTDR, Luciol OTDRs have extremely high spatial resolution, which is impossible to achieve with conventional OTDRs. This makes the LOR-200/220 the de-facto OTDR for Aerospace, Rail, Military, Maritime, Oil/Gas, FTTx/PON, Fibre Sensor Development, and Smart Structure applications.

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Luciol LOR-200/220 High Resolution OTDR

Luciol LOR-200/220 High Resolution OTDR

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