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Published: 16th May 2023

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Red Helix Technology Roadshow

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Back in March 2023, we hosted our High Speed Networks Summit at the Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone, where we explored various topics and challenges around today’s high speed Mobile and Wireline Operator networks, including:

  • PAM4 primer and the 100G compatibility issues to avoid when upgrading to 400Gbps
  • Monitoring 5G networks and retaining visibility of the TLS 1.3 encrypted 5G control plane
  • Best practices to reduce, control, and predict infrastructure energy consumption
  • The 3 levels of test automation maturity and the efficiencies they enable

We also covered what Internet Connection Records are, why they are important now, and how to create them.

The event was well received and interactive. Some attendees asked us to deliver the educational content to their wider teams and we are now running this as half day roadshows for Network Operators across the UK.

If you would like to attend one of our next workshops, please complete the form below and we’ll contact you when we have a date for a seminar near you.

We are happy to include other topics in addition to those listed above, such as:

  • How to access your network traffic to enable security resilience and network monitoring
  • The technology required for delivering your cyber surveillance commitments
  • Reducing reliance on air conditioning for cooling your data centre
  • How to measure end users’ digital or broadcast quality of experience
  • Ensuring the required application performance when you move to the cloud
  • How to improve your ‘human firewall’ to enhance your security posture
  • The common Zero Trust Network Access scenarios for controlling access to critical data

If there are any topics you would like to add to a workshop, please note them in the contact form below.

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