Red Helix Partners with CyGlass to deliver 100% Cloud Native Hybrid eXtended Detection and Response as a Service (XDR), Cloud Detection and Response (CDR), and Network Detection and Response (NDR).

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Published: 27th April 2023

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Red Helix managed service offering covers Cloud, Network, and Identity threat surface coverage with award-winning AI-based threat detection immediate remediation with no hardware deployed.

Red Helix, a leading UK cyber security managed service specialist that supports organizations of all sizes with solutions they need to stay protected from cyber threats, today announced the expansion of their managed services offering with continuous Extended Detection & Response (XDR), Network Detection and Response (NDR) and Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) solutions through a partnership with CyGlass. CyGlass provides continuous visibility of abnormal, risky cloud, network, and endpoint activities across cloud, hybrid, and on-prem environments from a 100% cloud-native platform reducing TCO by over 50% versus hardware and agent-based XDR tools.

The managed XDR, NDR, and CDR services will detect and stop attacks, identify threats, and show compliance covering use cases, including ransomware defense, supply chain protection, and continuous compliance control reporting ISO27001, GDPR, and NIST regulatory standards.

Attacks targeting infrastructure are detected and stopped in their tracks through AI-driven intelligent monitoring across networks and Cloud environments. Vulnerabilities from anomalous internal activity, unsanctioned devices, unprotected ports, or any other factors are identified and resolved before harm can occur. Configurable reporting based on hundreds of out-of-the-box controls and a simple policy and reporting engine automatically builds compliance reports as needed saving thousands in manual labor.

Through our partnership with CyGlass, we are widening access to these important services in every company’s defence against cyber criminals. The XDR, NDR, and CDR solutions from CyGlass are the best in class. Providing these solutions as a managed service means that many more companies can benefit from this important protection,” comments Marion Stewart, CEO at Red Helix.

Red Helix’s cyber security expertise and the delivery of their cutting-edge services make them the perfect partner for CyGlass and our goal of delivering enterprise-class cyber defence to companies of all sizes. We are excited to offer our award-winning AI platform to their service offerings. Our ability to cover a broad range of threat surfaces, including cloud, network, identity, and EDR integration, mean Red Helix customers now have access to a truly unified managed service that can reduce risk, detect and stop attacks and improve regulatory compliance,” said Ed Jackowiak, Founder, and CEO of CyGlass.

As cybercrime continues to rise with ever more sophisticated and persistent attacks, it is vital that companies do all they can to secure their rapidly changing hybrid networks with tools that cover broad threat surfaces and enable continuous AI-driven automated monitoring and remediation. These newly Managed XDR, NDR, and CDR services can be obtained directly from Red Helix.