Improving cyber resilience for the recruitment sector

Category: Case study
Published: 30th April 2024

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The Situation

Companies of all sectors and sizes are facing the rising tide of cyber-crime, but those who hold personal information are especially targeted. The recruitment industry, housing extensive personal data, faces heightened risks due to its dealings with high-profile individuals. Breaching such data could irreparably tarnish an agency’s brand. Concurrently, the surge in successful breaches has prompted increased demands from cyber insurers.

The Challenge

This recruitment agency, like many others, faced the challenge of increasing requirements from their cyber insurance provider. Specifically, they sought to implement a program of security awareness training and testing. They approached Red Helix for our Managed Security Awareness Testing and Training service and were keen to implement the service right away.

The Solution

Within weeks, the Red Helix Security Awareness Training & Testing service was well under way. We elevate cyber vigilance through engaging and targeted training, complemented by safe phishing simulations to pinpoint further training needs.

The Result

This recruitment agency, in collaboration with Red Helix, not only bolstered overall cyber vigilance but also achieved compliance with cyber insurance requirements. The integration of cyber awareness into the company culture ensures that the team remains vigilant against phishing attacks, fostering a secure environment for both the recruitment agency and their valued clients.