Security as a Service (SECaaS)

Secure your business data and operations by outsourcing your cybersecurity.

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Employing an in-house SOC team can be expensive and time-consuming, especially for a small or medium sized business. Instead, you can employ a Security as a Service provider to manage the daily running of your cyber security posture. This can be tailored towards your specific needs and easily scales as your business grows.

What does SECaaS do?

A SECaaS provider manages and monitors your organisation’s security systems remotely. This is run on a subscription basis and usually hosted by cloud providers. This model is becoming ever-more popular for businesses as an alternative to in-house IT security teams. Security as a service usually works in an overarching manner. It provides a centralised system whereby all your required security measures are managed in one place, by one SECaaS provider.

Examples of SECaaS:

Benefits of SECaaS

Cost effective
Time saving
24x7x365 support
Transparent pricing
Access to the latest security tools and updates
Automatic remediation
Threat detection
Improved visibility

When considering which SECaaS provider, you need to be sure you ask about:

  • Availability (24x7x365 expert support and rapid response time)
  • Response Time (Delivering automatic mitigation and remediation)
  • Flexibility (Evolving alongside your organisation’s growth)
  • Vendor Partnerships (Implementing their cybersecurity as a service offering in conjunction with your existing infrastructure)
  • Reporting (Developing regular reports showing the state of your security posture)
  • Zero Trust (Running on a cloud architecture is the future of secure network security)
  • Expertise (Trustworthy track record in cybersecurity services)

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