Managed cyber security services for Law firms

Lawyers and solicitors have a duty of care to their clients. Data must be kept secure and confidential. Holding this data makes law firms a prime target for cyber criminals.

The Legal sector is not immune to the security professionals skills gap affecting all industries. This makes it hard for you to assess and address you cyber security priorities. It also leads to a dependency on new technologies without knowing how to unlock their full potential.

Our range of managed cyber security services protect you and your firm from the persistent threats targeting your sector. In doing so, we protect your clients, supply chains and reputation.

Phishing & spoofing defence

Phishing is the cyber criminals’ No.1 tool of choice. A lack of security awareness in workplaces makes it easy to dupe employees to give out sensitive data.

This means your human firewall can be your strongest or weakest defence against email threats like phishing and ransomware.

It is also the part of the Legal sector that is most often targeted. Hackers will spoof your emails, pretending to be you, to trick your clients and partners.

Our Managed Email Protection Service reduces this risk.

Email Protection

Endpoint & hybrid working protection

Desktops, laptops, mobile devices and servers are all target endpoints for criminals.

With hybrid working here to stay, you need robust security to protect these devices.

Our Managed Endpoint Protection Service goes beyond simply blocking common malware. We detect threat activity in real-time, prevent advanced threats, and block application exploits.

We can even wind back the clock on ransomware attacks to quickly unlock infected endpoints and keep your business running smoothly.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Cyber-attack response & resolution

After an attack, you need experts to investigate and resolve the situation.

The faster you have cyber experts responding to a breach, the better.

Working with a partner like Red Helix supports your in-house team when they need it most.

Direct contact with security leaders specialising in compromise assessments and remediation ensures the best response to minimise damage.

Get in touch now to set up support should you suffer an attack or cyber breach.


Advanced cyber security measures

Real-time threat monitoring & attack triage

Security compliance, threat visibility, and compliance reporting all depend on real-time security monitoring.

You need a Security information and event management (SIEM) solution for this.

But managing a SIEM platform needs a lot of resource. Many Law firms struggle to keep up with the skills needed to manage this and make the right decisions.

That is where our  SIEM as a Service takes away the pain and lets you concentrate on what matters most – your clients.

Whether you need clearer visibility of threats, the ability to demonstrate compliance, or require a reportable picture of your security posture, we can design a service to meet your needs.


Managed Zero Trust Network Access Service
(VPN replacement)

Using VPNs to access client data can pose a security risk as VPNs typically establish connections before authenticating them.

To remove this risk, our Zero Trust Network Access Solution verifies access requests based on a strict, pre-defined policy. This ensures secure and contextual access only to sanctioned data. Everything else remains invisible.

Need to provide access for third parties using devices for which you have no visibility? No problem. You can do this through Zero Trust Network Access Service, whilst preventing their credentials being used to move laterally within your network. That’s something a VPN struggles to provide and scale.

Supporting your digital and cyber security evolution

Whether your firm is among the minority of Law firms with the internal resource required to address the growing digital transformation and cyber security needs.

Or in the majority that could benefit from outsourced Managed Security Services. Our combination of industry leading technologies and high-calibre Security Analysts has your needs covered.

Contact us today to discuss your security challenges.

Our cyber specialists will talk through your current approach with you. We will then advise on what will offer the biggest risk reduction for you and your firm.

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