Maintaining resilience with zero trust policies

Insurance institutions hold a wealth of customer information, making them a key target for network infiltration and data breaches. With attacks on Insurers and their customers becoming ever more sophisticated, and an increasing number of entry points due to the digitisation of services, keeping pace with the cyberthreat landscape has become a constant challenge.

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Data theft can have long-lasting operational and reputational impact

Ransomware, phishing, and denial of service attacks have become commonplace in the insurance sector, with attacks of this nature expected to rise in the years to come. Customer information is a highly prized commodity, with hackers wanting to know which policyholders are insured against cybercrime – so they can prioritise these targets.

With the top five threats in the insurance industry stemming from legacy hardware and software, ransomware, email scams and cloud platforms, it’s vital that businesses have the right measures in place to mitigate any risks. However, a lack of skills and difficulties in recruiting and retaining security analysts, coupled with a lack of basic cyber-hygiene and awareness among staff, are causing huge problems which the sector still needs to overcome.

We understand the importance of taking a proactive stance toward network resilience, along with the difficulties you face in making the right decisions due to a lack of skills and resources available. We work with mid-market Insurers to minimise the ‘blast-radius’ impact of any attempted attack, by providing ongoing support for network access and monitoring.

Our solutions

To maintain a competitive advantage and continue serving customers, Insurers need to be able to respond to new and emerging threats quickly and efficiently, always maintaining resilience.

Our solutions are designed to help you put the right network access and monitoring measures in place, as well as supporting good cyber-hygiene and the development of your zero trust policies.

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