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Delivering effective and robust cyber-surveillance capabilities is crucial for government departments today. But as network operators look to upgrade to 100G high-speed networks, current cyber-surveillance tools could struggle to make the transition from legacy networks, putting the success and security of operations at risk.

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Enabling cyber surveillance over legacy and high-speed networks

We understand the technical needs associated with delivering effective and robust cyber surveillance systems – from copying and aggregating traffic to decrypting, validating and tuning, and providing actionable intel.

The time taken to reach high-fidelity, actionable intel can vary depending on the network technologies and transport signals used by the network operators you work with.

With this in mind, we have created a suite of solutions to help you every step of the way – from TAP to actionable intel – to ensure your end-to-end infrastructure delivers what you seek, and is always finely tuned.

You can’t truly reconstruct something unless you have visibility of the traffic used to carry it, and for this you need to copy thousands of high-capacity fibre and copper communication links. To cater for 100G, you need the ability to easily up-scale tapping capabilities. For this we recommend our scalable Network Taps that provide reliable and continuous visibility of all the network traffic you need.

Now that you have copies of traffic… do you know the network transport technology being used? Is it Ethernet or OTN? What is the wavelength? With growth of network links, data, and transport technologies, we can bring automation to content discovery with rapid WAN network survey and high capacity unsampled network metadata generation.

Once you’ve identified the transport technologies, you’ll want to send traffic to your desired destination – but with 100G network growth, there is so much to process. Introducing automation to mass fibre link scanning and sending content to desired locations will enable surveillance continuity over 100G networks.

You can’t analyse content until it has been unlocked, and to do this you need to decrypt at high speeds with dedicated line rate decryption layers – in short, your decryption tools should not be tasked with performing any other function. Our decryption tools can unlock traffic at line rate and feed it straight to the next step of the process.

Once the content has been unlocked, you may wish to store the critical ingredients needed for full forensic reconstruction, and you can’t do this with full fidelity unless you have every single data packet regardless of traffic level or packet size.

Our Toyo Synesis solution is an all-in-one portable packet capture system that continuously captures and stores every packet at up to 100Gbps. Learn more about our Toyo Synesis platform here. (Link to the Toyo Synesis product page).

Now with the full copies of everything, you will want to quickly reconstruct and analyse the content of interest – essentially, find the actionable intel you seek. And this is another area for which we excel, thanks to our Niksun platform, that quickly reconstructs precise detail of things like webpages, chat, email, and other IP sessions from raw data packets.

Let’s not forget; you need to know the end-to-end tools and processes work, and the only way to know is to test everything with massive scale real application mixed with background traffic, malicious traffic, and encrypted traffic profiles.

Our Keysight PerfectStorm (link to Keysight PerfectStorm product page), and PerfectStorm ONE (link to Keysight PerfectStorm ONE product page) platforms can generate high speed network traffic, inject malware and application mixes, and simulate millions of end users and environments to help you test your end-to-end surveillance capability.

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Our solutions

Our security solutions are designed to evolve with the cyber landscape so you can take advantage of new innovations.

Our test and system automation solutions can help accelerate innovation and productivity by supporting efficiency gains and ensuring you can achieve success with any technology upgrade or adoption.

Solutions including the Keysight PerfectStorm, and PerfectStorm ONE platforms can generate high speed network traffic, inject malware and application mixes, and simulate millions of end users and environments to help you test your end-to-end surveillance capability.

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