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Safeguarding the delivery of broadcast content

Consumers are expecting more from their content providers. They want to be able to stream, download and view content whenever and wherever they are. Unfortunately, poor content delivery performance and blind spots can instantly damage your customers’ Quality of Experience (QoE).

‘From acquisition to delivery, end-user quality of experience is always the key consideration for any broadcaster.’

Ensuring a top-quality delivery network for your top-quality content

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How we can help

Red Helix understands the linear, satellite, and IP broadcast ecosystems and can offer solutions for measuring and monitoring the whole broadcast chain, instantly visualising any areas of concern, and allowing them to be quickly addressed – ensuring content reaches the end-user as intended.

Replied upon by leading content broadcasters, our managed CDN monitoring platform can safeguard the quality of your content delivery, allowing you to focus on the content itself.

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Our solutions

Supporting your network success

We can also help you provide content delivery improvement from both the network/CDN and the end-user’s perspective, giving insights into parts of your content delivery system that aren’t monitored or were previously out of your control – ensuring that the end-user experience is as you want it to be.

CDN blind spots can instantly damage your customers’ Quality of Experience (QoE) – impacting your reputation and revenue.

Used by providers of all sizes, including well-known brands at the forefront of OTT and IPTV, our real-time analytics platform streamlines CDN log file analysis from multiple sources, allowing you to better understand the relationship that latency and user behaviour have with streamed video, applications, and web performance. It can also alert you to any illegal attempts to access your content.

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IPTV is replacing compressed video and Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI) as the go to for delivering video streaming services. However, without understanding the IP delivery network and the middleware devices that may affect transmission, there can be several challenges ahead.

Whether you need to load you network with IPTV, monitor, fault find, or modify the traffic to stress your network – we can help.

We’ve been providing Bridge Technology IPTV solutions for over 15 years and can help you build a reliable network to carry your video – as well as installing a monitoring solution to provide detail on all aspects of your IPTV content to ensure issues can be pinpointed immediately.

Our PacketStorm impairment and emulation tools allow you to modify and stress the network, so you can see how various scenarios will impact IPTV delivery and quality.

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Measuring your Quality of Service (QoS) is a great way of ensuring your internal delivery system is up and running. However, there are parts of the content delivery ecosystem that aren’t monitored, and remain out of your control.

We can help you measure service from the end-user’s perspective (QoE). Using our Witbe Robots, we can reproduce end-user interactions with real end-user devices and provide KPIs to show you exactly what your customer sees.

Robots are available for Broadband, Android, iOS, STB, Connected TV’s, CDN monitoring, Voice and Mobile. And as our Witbe Robots work behind end-user devices, they can also be used to benchmark your services against other providers.

Our BridgeTech range of Probes provide full system availability and performance KPIs for IPTV, OTT, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, DVB-T/T2 and protection switching.

This complete set of interfaces provides an end-to-end system-wide view enabling a swift resolution to any faults across the content delivery network.

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